ARCOX TMC Group and its companies FOCUS INSTRUMENTS, EQUITEC and TECNOMED, as entities engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of refrigerating and freezing equipments, incubators for laboratories and hospitals, surgery tables, surgery lamps and hospital beds; as a company also engaged in the manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of optical equipment for investigation and manufacturing and in the marketing of bathroom equipment, recognizes and accepts its commitment to quality as the reference standard ISO 9001:2008, so the management establishes the following principles:

➢ Define the management of each of the group companies and the relationship between them establishing uniform quality standards both in the manufacture, marketing and after sales service.

➢ Ensure our customers satisfaction, including all stakeholders, in the results of the group companies, in all matters concerning our activities and their impact on society.

➢ Establishing goals and objectives focused on evaluating the performance in terms of quality and in the continuous improvement of our activities that are regulated by the Quality Management System developed by this policy.

➢ Fulfillment of the requirements of the legislation applicable to our business, to our customer and suppliers commitments and to all the internal rules or regimes submitted by the company.

➢ Support a fluid communication between different levels of the company, customers and suppliers.

➢ Evaluate and guarantee the technical capacities of our employees. Also ensuring the proper motivation that encourages our employees to participate in the continuous improvement of our processes.

➢ Ensure the proper state of the installations and the maintenance of the equipment in order to be attached to the activity, goals and objectives of the company.

➢ Ensure a continual analysis of all the relevant processes, establishing the appropriate changes in each case according to the results and the goals set.

These principles are assumed by the management, who has the necessary resources and provides its employees with the resources for the fulfillment of the principles above, and putting them in public knowledge through this Quality Policy.


·Laboratory freezers until -86ºC
·Laboratory refrigerators
·Blood banks
·Refrigerated incubators
·Growth chambers
·Laboratory walk-in chambers

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Focus Instruments

·Stereo microscopes
·Needles destroyers

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·Surgery tables
·Obstetric and gynaecological tables
·Surgery lamps
·Observation lamps
·ICU stretchers
·Hospital beds
·Hospital furniture

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