➢Corporate name: Arcox TMC Group S.L.

➢NIF/CIF: B-81893943

➢Established: C/Blasco de Garay 57 - C.P. 28015 Madrid

➢Telephone: +34 91 544 92 62

➢Commercial registered : Arcox TMC Group S.L. , constituted in 1997 in Madrid, notarial act nº 2348 in the presence of the public notary Don Federico Paradero del Bosque Martín, of the Madrid notaries association, Tomo 12.760, Folio 174, Sección 8, Hoja M-204609.

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·Laboratory freezers until -86ºC
·Laboratory refrigerators
·Blood banks
·Refrigerated incubators
·Growth chambers
·Laboratory walk-in chambers

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Focus Instruments

·Stereo microscopes
·Needles destroyers

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·Surgery tables
·Obstetric and gynaecological tables
·Surgery lamps
·Observation lamps
·ICU stretchers
·Hospital beds
·Hospital furniture

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